With over 30 years in the equine industry, Kiser Arena Specialists is known for quality and it is our mission to bring you fencing of the same caliber. We understand that different facilities need different types of fencing, from low-maintenance to high-resistance. Our years of experience building and renovating outdoor riding arenas enable us to assess your property’s needs and make a sound recommendation.

If you’re wondering how to build a horse arena and fencing is just one of the items on your list to research, you might benefit from our horse arena design consulting services for expert guidance on everything from riding arena panels to footing, fencing, and beyond.

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Horse Fencing Products We Offer

Explore our three fencing options that are sure to fit any project!


The Priefert Ponderosa Fence combines beauty, durability, and simplicity with the perfect hybrid-pipe fence. Ponderosa offers the convenience of no-weld, powder coated steel for easy installation, low maintenance, and a great look that lasts!


  • 13- or 16-gauge galvanized steel tubing
  • Architectural-grade powder coating for strength and long life
  • Domed posts to shed water and pressure-treated to stand up to harsh weather


  • Rigorous testing to meet safety standards
  • Steel strength with no sharp edges, welds, or barbs
  • Safe for animal and operator


  • Priefert powder coating means long-lasting color that’s virtually maintenance-free for years to come
  • Rail-in-rail “swedge” design has the appearance of a single rail from end to end
  • Post connectors and “swedge” allow for expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures


  • Pressure-treated after drilling
  • Domed top for safety and water shed
  • Cone-shaped holes for flexibility to follow terrain and curves of the land
  • Natural wood posts for a unique look and texture that will continue to absorb and release moisture, changing in appearance overtime


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Combining the strength of wood and sustainability of polymer, this is the first low-maintenance lumber fence! With over 30 years in the market, Woodguard is rated #1 for low-maintenance fencing. Unlike competitors such as vinyl, this fence can be put up like wood because it is wood. The best part: you only have to put it up once! This coated lumber is durable, weatherproof, strong, and safe for horses and livestock.

  • Low Maintenance – No need to paint, sand, or stain!
  • Strong – Solid wood core with durable polymer coating
  • Safe – Non-toxic polymer coating that is flexible in all weather conditions
  • No cracking, peeling, or splintering!
  • Easy Installation – Cuts and installs just like wood

How It’s Made
  • Made with a solid wood core
  • Treated with a non-toxic, certified organic borate compound to protect against dry rot, termites, and fungus
  • Engineered, UV-stabilized polymer blend final coating that is put through a cold-water process to shrink-fit the coating
  • Has a 20-year limited warranty


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Buckley Steel Board

The beauty of a wood fence with the durability of galvanized, powder coated steel—this is the only post and rail board fence made to last decades with virtually zero maintenance cost. You will never see a warp, sag, or cribbing mark on these boards!


  • Built to last for decades.
  • Powder-coated to prevent chips, peels, and cracks
  • Resistant to rusting, fading, or chalking.
  • Steel Z-bar reinforcements in the rails to enhance strength.

Easy Installation

Steel Board Specifications

Post: 8’4” tall, 3 ½”x 5 1/8”
Post Strength: 1200lbs horizontal at top rail
Rail: 9 ½’ long, 1 3/8”x 5 1/8”
Rail Strength: 400lbs horizontal, 700 reinforced
Top Rail Height Installed: 4 ½’

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Ponderosa Woodguard Buckley Steel Board
Material Powder-coated galvanized steel tubing with natural wood posts Solid wood core with durable polymer coating Powder-coated galvanized steel made to look like wood
  • Architectural-grade coatings
  • Pressure-treated for harsh weather
  • Post connectors and “swedge” allow for expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures
  • No cracking, peeling, or splintering
  • Strong solid wood core
  • 20-year limited warranty
  • Built to last for decades
  • Powder coating prevents chips, peels, and cracks.
  • Steel Z-bar reinforcements for strength.
  • Resistant to rusting, fading, and chalking.
Safety Rigorous testing to meet safety standards for both animals and operators Non-toxic, certified organic coating Rigorous testing to meet safety standards for both animals and operators
Installation No welding—easy! Cuts and installs just like wood No welding—cuts and installs quickly by easily sliding into pre-cut post

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